Fixing of Symbiots

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Fixing of Symbiots

Postby kyrub » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:11 pm

I did some quick disassembling scan of the game executable. If anyone's interested, here's the result:

The Symbiots should now behave like anybody else, transporting, attacking (without producing units). I tried to test it, but since Symbiots are blocked somewhere, I leave it to others.


If there is someone willing to continue the disassembling work on the EFS exe, here is an IDA file (i64 more specifically), where all the principal routines during the NEXT turn are specified.

Disassembling with IDA is not hard, if you are into numbers, logic, math. I learned it using a small assembly tutorial from the net. (warning: it is also more enjoyable and satisfying than playing the games themselves). Disassembling is time consuming, be prepared to spend a lot of time before, suddenly, seeing a lot of success.

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