Improving AI through the SAV file patch

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Improving AI through the SAV file patch

Postby Aruro » Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:45 pm

AI has been discussed lots of times on the forum. (Actually i still think that original EFS AI wins 5 stars compare to the modern games, for example EU or RTW or any other major title ). AI does many things wrong, not attacking from ruins, not having initiative, not using transports well and so on.

I have been thinking lately - it should be very easy to implement NEW custom ai by simply modifying .SAV files. Basically you can build your new AI from scratch or improve existing by shacking up the .sav file.

In case the structure of the .SAV file is know maybe it will be even possible to import AI's from projects like cEVO. Making game toothier.

New ai has to ambush your small fleet with Imperial one, once it gets chance and ministry, or land a party with engineer on your planet and start a city razing crusade if war between houses have been too long.
And so on. Possibilities are many.

Main question remains - did anyone attempt to investigate into the SAV files?

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