Subversion Questions

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Subversion Questions

Postby regnak » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:19 am

Hi, I recently started playing again and used Subversion since Nova 2.3 doesn't work with my version of windows. I am enjoying it but ha e few questions:

1 I captured a Vau unit in a ruins that I could upgrade to a supply ship. How do I build that unit? I researched and got Vau mercs but that wasn't it.

2 A powerful stack of rebels just appeared out of nowhere with units I am unfamiliar with. Do they just pop up in subversion or were they hiding in a ruins? (I don't remember if units leave the ruins or not)

3Although I got the garrison and Fleet in the 2nd election the Symbiots are wandering around in the back areas of human space already.(we just finished the 3rd election and the Navy and Stigmatta space forces are badly depleted despite having killed a lot more than they lost) Will the Church fleet attack them? I ask because despite repeated threats I see no Church ships coming for my labs. So I wonder if the Syms could have trashed the Church fleet for me?

4 Finally can the Syms build ships as fast as they do units or does it take multiple turns per ship like with human starships?

Thanks for any answers I receive.

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