Isenias! :D

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Isenias! :D

Postby Mind Elemental » Sun Aug 10, 2003 5:22 am

Here's a very rough outline of the Lost World, Isenias, as created by Kent Peterson and Matt Caspermeyer for the Corinthian Galaxy; I've adapted and fleshed out the planet to fit into the Fading Suns canon. Note that this is VERY incomplete -- help would be appreciated, especially from anyone with either Lost Worlds or Star Crusade!

Planet: Isenias

Ruler: House Decados (splinter branch)
Cathedral: Brothers Battle (?)
Agora: Muster (?)
Garrison: 3
Capital: New Cambridge
Jumps: 2 + ?
Adjacent Worlds: Leminkainen (dayside), Malignatius (nightside), (insert name of Vuldrok worlds here)
Tech: 2-4
Human Population: 400 million
Alien Population: Not many
Resources: Foodstuffs, timber, gems, petroleum, natural gas, metal ores.
Exports: Currently none.

- Was originally controlled by House Hawkwood, after the Fall of the Republic. Decados had the second-largest presence on-world.

- After many Hawkwood troops were pulled off-planet to fight against a Vuldrok invasion and then in Alecto's First Emperor War, the Decados took the opportunity to launch an assault against the much-depleted Hawkwood garrison on Isenias: the so-called Three Roses War.

- The Vuldrok then proceeded to hit Isenias; the Hawkwoods and Decados managed to stop fighting each other long enough to send a joint expedition to seal off the jumpgate, halting the barbarian flood. This, however, left a considerable Vuldrok force in the system.

- Over the centuries, the three sides battled it out with each other numerous times, none of them able to gain a decisive advantage. Occasionally, local revolts would erupt, adding a fourth dimension to the crisis.

- It's now the midst of the Emperor Wars, and the jumpgate has reopened, but this is known only to the inhabitants of the system, the Vuldrok, and the Hawkwoods -- the latter are thinking of sending a small team to Isenias, in utmost secrecy, or possibly using it as a bargaining chip to buy the support of the guilds and the Church.

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