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Postby Haakon_Stormbrow » Mon May 24, 2010 10:55 pm

How can i take screenshots? In the old days i just used printscreen and then pasted it into paint or whatever. But now the screenshots are buggered up by the switch from 256 color to 32 bit color on the desktop. And i cant go below 16 bit color on the desktop.
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Nick Cav
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Postby Nick Cav » Tue May 25, 2010 2:51 am

download a program/tool called irfanview
just google it...under the options tab in the program there is a choice for screenshots.. you can either make a new hotkey or have them timed. it'll take the right screenshots and convert them to 16 or 32 bit

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Postby Russell » Tue May 25, 2010 3:21 pm

If you press ctrl + shift + ` (the key with ~ on it) all at once, the game will take a screenshot and save it as SCREEN.PCX in your EFS folder, although you can only do one at a time because it will overwrite the previous one. Plus you'll need a program like irfanview to convert them anyway.

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