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Zyuil'Thala - Last Vau Fansite

Postby cy387_lk » Mon Jan 16, 2006 6:35 am

Well, seems I simply have no time to finish it for now, so I’m laying all I have out. Here is the link: http://neogamer.dynalias.com:280/zyuilthala/. Yes I know it’s on non-standard port as I had it before (some people could have trouble getting to it without their proxies/firewalls reconfig) - I promise to buy some webspace and give it normal URL later, and for the moment it’ll stay as it is. Still much to be done there, and I hope to make some part of it soon enough. Also some download links are still inactive, they’ll be active in a few days. My current job doesn’t give me spare time at all, so I’m working on the site when I can…

What I am trying to achieve:
- Join all EFS/FS downloads available in the Web together
- Same with modding utilities
- Give some more from the Vau and FS Universe

As before, I’ve got plenty of free space on the server (something about 35Gb =] ) so any offers are welcome. If you want to place something related to the game don’t be shy, that’s the main purpose of the website after all. Later when I have it on some official domain I’ll move all the downloads there except the big ones like EFS full CD version and maybe the movies, but that will happen not in the nearest season.
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