Standard EFS - Complete Game Findings

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Standard EFS - Complete Game Findings

Postby LauVau » Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:40 pm

Here are some things that I have found out during my extensive long standard EFS game.

Settings: Historical, Universal Warehouse On, Plague/Rebellion On, Consume Food On, Beginner, Hawkwoods.

The Houses

- Does not seem to get famine when they control their units. But if you capture their units and you know for certain they have no food, they instantly get famine for that one turn (providing you have enough food to support them next turn). I know cause they only own one fort with a garrison on Byzantium Secundus. ^.^

- Will always accept peace for 1 Firebird (confirmed -- 07/13/13)

- If at peace, will always accept alliances.

Ministries (including the Imperial Guard)

- No diplomatic options available (if they are controlled through vacancy i.e. no Houses control)

- Once you are at war with any Ministry or the Imperial Guard, their PTS units will always fire at your ships. You cannot have peace ever again.

- A single house CAN control all Ministries and destroy the Imperial Guard if they capture all buildings and destroy/capture all units (under other House control or Vacancy control) including Byzantium Secundus (which can be a bit tricky but doable, since I own it ^.^) This means that the Ministries will in effect become completely useless. It's only use is a title.

The Church

- Does not get eliminated from the game (like a noble house) if all units/buildings are destroyed/captured. They will continue to proscribe tech, excommunicate you, threaten you with Inquisition, and all other diplomatic features enabled.

- The Church will buy ALWAYS buy peace for one slide of the Firebirds bar when setting money to give (confirmed -- 07/13/13)

The League

- Work in Progress

The Vau

- Under "The Truth About EFS" is incorrect under "The Vau" section, the Vau DO NOT move their units even attacked. They can rout to adjacent spaces, but will not move.

- The Vau do not attack your forces even if you are at war with them.

- The Vau will continue to buy your maps even at war with them.

- The Vau will never build new units (at least in Historical I have noticed)

- Vau units have no maintenance cost and thus are for free.

- The Vau does not become eliminated from the game ever (will confirm very soon as I am about to kill off all of them)

The Symbiots

- You start out automatically "hostile" to Symbiots as no confirmation is required to attack them.

- They are extremely aggressive and excel in Close combat. If they spot your unit, they will swarm after you.

- They can "own" planets (The planet name will be in Dark Gray) if they control the Palace.

- They cannot build "human" units from human cities

- They CAN build units from Hives. (Build time listed in the tech sheet that comes with the game).

- Symbiot Nesters = Symbiot Engineers. They build only one thing: Hives. If a Nester builds a Hive, they start off with half life (like newly built Human buildings)

- Symbiot Nesters do consume themselves when building a Hive like Engineers (confirmed -- 07/13/13).

- If a Symbiot captures a unit of yours, you get a special notice (it's a screen with a Minder flanked by two Butchers) from the Symbiots telling you to convert (need to reconfirm this, I got this a long time ago)

More soon!
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Postby Kosh2 » Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:25 am

Thanks for the information
I have never finished a game :oops:
It's very interesting to know that some factions are still in the game after defeating

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Postby Sukayo » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:35 am

thank you very much, i had quite long games, but fought only the Church very hard. In the normal game it is wuite easy to erase the Symbiots from the map, when STIGMATA keeps there ships out of the known space.

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Postby Russell » Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:21 am

Interesting information, keep us updated.

I may be mistaken, but wasn't there a time when the Vau did move? As in an earlier patch? Or has my mind fabricated these memories?

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Postby LauVau » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:55 am

Update: 07/13/13

I am not sure if the Vau moved back before the last patch... To my knowledge no.

I know it been a few years but I am determined to conquer the Known Worlds and truly "win" the game (i.e. control all planets and eliminating all other factions -- listed below). I restarted a month ago. Turns are becoming time-consuming. But I figure if I only do a few turns a day, it will keep me from getting burned out. Here is my current status:

EoFS 1.4 Patched Vanilla
Historical -- Beginner -- Universal Warehouse (On) -- Consume Food (On) -- Plague (On) -- Rebellion (On)
Alexius of House Hawkwood
Turn: 76
Sceptors: 30
Known Worlds under direct Hawkwood control: 15 out of 40

-- Factions --

Other 4 Houses: Neutralized -- Captured all House Homeworlds and surrounding systems. Remaining forces are on Byzantium. No tech. All Sceptors captured. 1 Noble per House on Forts with limited forces.

Imperial Guard: Destroyed -- Captured Imperial City of 7 Cities on Byzantium II including Arborium and killed/captured all ground/water forces

Imperial Fleet: Destroyed -- Captured Spaceport City of 6 Cities on Byzantium II and captured all ships in the fleet (Stationed off Stigmata, Vau front, and Byzantium)
Imperial Eye: Destroyed -- Captured all Forts (5) on House Homeworlds including Eye Headquarters of 2 Cities on Byzantium II and killed/captured all ground/space units
Stigmata: Neutralized -- Captured all Stigmata buildings on Stigmata. Moved Stigmata troops out of buildings. Currently building forces to eliminate Stigmata Garrison troops.

Church: Neutralized -- Captured all Church builds on Holy Terra including Chruch on Byzantium II. Remnants of Church ships including Assault Landers + Inquisitors still flying around. Easily dispatched at will.
League: Active -- Captured all surrounding systems of Leagueheim (Aragon, Madoc, Midian). Currently deploying troops every turn on Leagueheim. Warchest is at 153,262. At present rate, in about 75 turns, the Third Republic will be declared. Agoras still alive throughout the Known Worlds.

Vau: Active -- All Vau forces are still active
Symbiot: Active -- All Symbiot ships are destroyed. Main Hawkwood fleet is deployed on Chernobog, Daishan, and Absolution. Currently bombarding planets and eliminating Hives. Ground forces will be deployed soon.

Rebels: Active -- Rebels currently "control" most os the Known Worlds. No significant efforts have been made to scour Rebels. Above factions have higher priority.

Here are some more findings:

- Opposing computer-controlled Houses can be bought off by 1 Firebird for peace (Give me: A Peace Treaty With You, And I will: Give you money (1 Firebird)

- The Church and League can also be bought off for peace similar to computer-controlled Houses but they require more money. With the Church, they can be bought off with one slide of the Firebirds bar. With the League, it requires several slides (unconfirmed exact number slides).

- Also, note that giving money to the League will directly add Firebirds to their Warchest (NOT GOOD!). If you plan on warring with the League, hit them very hard before suing for peace. The negative impact of the League declaring the Third Republic is indefinite Trade Embargo, War with all Houses, and -20% score at the end.

- Sects: Each House has a favored sect. You can see which one for each house based on the Units' Sect on the House's Homeworld. They offer no in-game benefit (aside from a small Unit Loyalty boost). It is best to switch captured Churches to the Sect your House favors.

Li Halan: Orthodox
Hazat: Avestites
Decados: Eskatonics
Hawkwood: Sanctuary Aeon
al-Malik: Incarnates

Symbiots: Assault (Lifeweb? Houses cannot change to Assault Sect... it's hersey!)

-- Units produced by your House will always be the Sect your House favors OR based on the Church's Sect on the Planet where the Unit is produced (NEED TO CONFIRM!)

-- If the Church Patriarch dies, and a different Sect other than Orthodox has a majority of Churchs under his Flock, he will be elected. The portrait is the same as the Orthodox. This offers no benefit (other than bragging rights that you control the Church vote!) I assume the developers wanted a more dynamic Church with each Sect with different behaviors or personality (their portraits are in the game~!), but it was never finished.

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